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Staying Centered Through Transition

By Shawna Ristic, Feb 19 2017 11:39PM

Transition can be a destabilizing time for many of us, whether its personal transition like death of a loved one or a job change, or environmental transition like a political crises. There's a change in the foods we eat, the people we see, the excitement, stress, and anxiety we feel. It can be an intense time that can leave us feeling ungrounded, like our head is spinning.

Here's a technique that has helped me and many others I have worked with.

Core Channel Exercise

As science has discovered, we are at our smallest make up, balls of electrons (energy) spinning around nuclei in space. To me, this also means we are essentially energy.

The most densest concentration of our energy is in the center of the body. I call it the Core Channel and think of it as a tube of iridescent light in the center of our body from pubic bone to base of the head.

Now that you sense its location, allow yourself time to experience each of the following steps:

•Find a quiet place to relax, sitting or lying, take few deep breaths and visualize or sense the Core Channel.

•Notice how parts of the channel may look or feel more contracted or more luminous than others.

•By bringing your attention to contracted areas, expand them with more light. No need to push the light there, just be aware and intend the light.

•Enjoy observing the light as it expands.

•Expand the entire length of the channel with light, allowing it to fill your body.

•Expand the light to a space a foot or two around your body.

•Notice how you feel more like you.

•Enjoy that expanded feeling, the feeling of you.

•Gently come back into your surroundings, allowing yourself to stay expanded.

•Throughout the day, check in with your core channel. Notice, without judgment, when it feels expanded or contracted and allow yourself to experience the ebb and flow of you.

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