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Body Dynamic

761 University Ave., Suite B

Los Gatos, CA


Santa Cruz Wellness Center (Annex)

501 Mission St, ste. 5

Santa Cruz, CA

Massage is widely known for its ability to help you relax and unwind. It can also greatly enhance your overall health and well-being. Give your mind, body, and soul a boost by scheduling a body therapy & massage session today.


The body is the interface between our inner and outer reality.  As life’s experiences touch us, they leave an imprint on the body that can be seen in one’s posture and balance with gravity.  


Body Therapy releases stored areas of tension, stress and holding patterns.  It realigns the body and builds a stable foundation for function and renewed unity of body, mind, soul, spirit.


Massage is a non-verbal conversation that allows your physical self to relax and communicate, not through stress & tension, but through awareness and relaxation. Releasing muscles that may be acting on the nervous, circulatory and skeletal systems expands one’s body awareness and leads to balance, health and ease of function.

Body Therapy & Massage includes:

Individual massage classes available

Do you want to learn more about the healing powers of massage by practicing age-old techniques? I offer individual massage classes tailored to your needs in addition to other services. Why not have a partner or friend learn to massage you or you them?


Give me a call to schedule your appointment today.

Relax and refresh your body, mind,

and spirit

All massage services are customized to your unique needs.

Heal and reinvigorate your body

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My work is influenced by the thousands of bodies, minds, souls & spirits I have had the honor of touching in over 22 years of practice.

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