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Body Dynamic

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Los Gatos, CA


Santa Cruz Wellness Center (Annex)

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Santa Cruz, CA

Focus on fascia massage Pressure massage

Many of your most painful symptoms can be attributed to deep tissue tightening and fatigue. With deep tissue massage, we can get down to the deepest muscle tissue to release tension and bring about a greater sense of relief.

Deep tissue massage techniques include:

Free up your muscles and joints

    •   Pressure massage

    •   Focus on fascia

    •   Tissue and injury healing

    •   Body therapy

    •   Structural massage

    •   Focus on soft tissue problems

Although many of our patients would describe the experience as intense, our deep tissue techniques free up muscles and joints by getting down deep and focusing on fascia.


Not sure if deep tissue massage is right for you? Our experienced massage therapist offers a unique selection of customizable massage services to meet your needs.

Call Now: 785-691-6639

Reach the source with deep tissue massage

Our massage therapist focuses on your energy to decide what technique is best for you.

Relieve your deepest tissue pain.