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Body Dynamic

761 University Ave., Suite B

Los Gatos, CA


Santa Cruz Wellness Center (Annex)

501 Mission St, ste. 5

Santa Cruz, CA


Many of your most painful symptoms are actually a result of unresolved issues in your past or projections into your future.  They keep you from truly being present in the direction of your life, from being a creative participant.


I take a spiritual approach to help you understand and connect with your past, retrieve parts you have projected into the future and Be Present as you create with a new outlook on life.  This can be done in person or distanced.


Because Intuition is such an innate part of who we are, it informs every session in more-or-less obvious ways.


Distanced sessions occur via Phone,FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. I connect with your frequency using the vibration of  your name as an anchor. Without distractions of the physical body, I focus solely on the non-physical to see what is coming up for you, what is influencing you from the past, where is your vision, who are your helpers and clear and balance your energy.



Intuitive Healing includes:

Phone, Skype, FaceTime appointments available

  • Mind-body awareness

  • Shift your perception & perspective

  • Connect with your guides

  • Integrate the past & future

  • Resolve deep patterns and programs that no longer serve you

  • Clear your chakras

  • Connect with the deceased

  • Communicate with loved ones who are unconscious

  • Make spiritual connections

  • Experience Stillness

Between work, family, and community commitments, it can be difficult to find time to schedule a physical appointment.


Simply schedule a phone, Skype or FaceTime appointment instead. The Intuitive Healing services I offer can be done distanced or in-person.

Please call to schedule appointments

Call Now: 785-691-6639

Integrate your past and reclaim your future. Be here now.

Experience Presence.

Let me customize a series of treatments that cater to your needs.

Resolve old issues and move forward in your life with grace and ease.


Live Life Consciously.

My work is influenced by C.Michael Pizzuto, Rudolf Steiner, Focusing, Ann Nunley creator of the Inner Counselor, Carmen Lynn, Genevieve Hogan, Access Consciousness, and many others