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         On Christmas day of 1993, an event happened that changed the course of my life and reconnected me with a part of myself I had shut away.


         I had always been an intuitive child.  I deeply felt the emotions of others and noticed that when focusing my intentions people would feel better and things would start to flow more smoothly in their lives.   My intuitive ability, however, was not limited to physical beings.  I also encountered many experiences that were more paranormal of nature.  Ghosts, light beings, creaking stairs, jingling drawer handles, doors shutting on their own, etc. were a frequent occurrence for me.  Although these things never seemed malevolent, I was confused by cultural interpretations and frightened by explanations offered by media.  I began to do what I could to shut my intuition down.  In my late teens I began wanting to reopen the intuitive side of myself but the fear from childhood was too great.  


         Then, on Christmas day, 1993, I was in a serious car accident that pushed me near death and left me in a coma for many days.  I have many memories from this time on the other side and more have returned in the years following.   I remember seeing my body from above, with my mother sitting by my side, her head bending down towards my hand and I wondered what had I done.  I remember being gently, lovingly lifted from my body by 6 beings filled with light.  They reached their hands under my body and lifted me up from it.  I too was a being of light and embraced them, feeling such joy and surrender as never had I felt before.  I understood that I had a choice to come back or not and that this decision was a joint decision between myself and the Council, a group of 12 beings I met during my time on the other side. I learned that I am working with and representing them here on Earth.  I saw the ramifications of both choices, the peace of staying with the beings full of light and love that had lovingly lifted me from my body and how the choice not to return to Earth would affect so many people, including my brother and the relationships he would be able to have with women in his life.  I understood how everything is divinely inspired and that we are participants in that inspiration. There is a sort of matrix behind the scene of reality that we are all connected to and the energy within that matrix, to which each of us contributes, orchestrates the happenings in our lives.  Every person that comes into our lives has a purpose for being there and nothing happens without purpose, although it may take years or never that we understand an experience or relationship in our conscious, cognitive minds.


         Most of all what I became aware of is the incredible fabric of love that is around and within us.  It is everything, although confusion and illusion keep it from our awareness.  It is the current behind everything, the motivating force and that which everything is.  Even what seems to be its opposite, fear and anger, originate from love that has become distorted by patterns, programs, illusion.  It was as though my heart opened to a depth and rawness that I never knew before.  I could see the pure light within everyone.  I felt in my body every emotion that others held within themselves, consciously or not.  


         It has taken some time to realize that these emotions are not my own and to discern those that are.  It has also taken time to be able to see the layers of illusion that distort the light within a person and may make them react in unloving and even violent ways.  Even more difficult has been admitting when there is nothing more I can do to get someone to see the pure beauty that is who they are.  Nevertheless, no matter how threatening a situation looks in retrospect, I have always been able to navigate from a place of love, avoid harm and never lost sight of the pure light within each person.


        I knew after the coma that I had come to help people heal and become aware of the beautiful essence of love that each of us is.  I found my way quickly to bodywork, which opened a realm of modalities useful for moving energy and facilitating healing on more or less physical levels.  


         In the years following the NDE, I began to communicate more consciously and openly with the Council, first through writing and later through hearing, and they greatly influence the healing work I do.  This communication has evolved at times abruptly through flashes of light and entering altered states of understanding reality.  Other times it was gentler, such as when journaling and the Council brings their words to page by guiding my hand.  At times there are charges of energy that course through my body and other times I see energy moving around me in various forms. It has happened in deep states of relaxation or meditation, in my office, while sitting at a stop sign, while sitting in coffee shops or restaurants, and other places.  More recently I have begun to be able to navigate these shifts of perception more directly, rather than having such surprising jolts of shifted awareness.  This shifted perception is what I use to sense the energies around a person, communicate with whatever appears to assist them on their path and to move the energy that needs to move to give them the ease and freedom they are seeking.


         My journey as a healer continues to unfold each day.  I am amazed when I look at where I was Christmas day 1993 and to see how life has evolved to be an incredible adventure of awareness that keeps unfolding in more and more amazing ways.  I look forward to watching the ripple effect of my work.  As each person moves closer to their Truth, it affects the world around them and assists others to do the same. I am excited about the paths I will cross and the lives I can touch in an effort to heal this world and shift it into a more loving, compassionate and aware place to be.  Won’t you join me on this journey. Namaste.

Near Death Experience