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If you suffer from stiffness and rigidity or shooting pain due to a restricted nervous system, you know just how tiring day-to-day living can be. Get your energy back and relieve painful symptoms with neural mobilization.


Neural mobilization frees restrictions on the nervous system, allowing the brain to properly read the body and respond more appropriately to its needs.


The nervous system is the interface between the energetic body and the physical body.  It is where energy comes into form.   The nerves are the hardwiring in the physical body that allow higher levels of awareness to communicate with denser levels of manifestation.

Neural mobilization includes:

Gentle Integration

  • Increased Range of Motion (ROM)

  • Sensing the electromagnetic frequency (EMF)

  • Calming the Central Nervous System (CNS)

  • Deep relaxation

  • Freeing nerve restrictions

  • Improved brain-body communication

  • Balancing of the senses

  • Feeling safe

Neural mobilization is gentle and noninvasive. Light touch and melding hands create a safe container for your nervous system to unwind.


Useful for pinched nerves


The nervous system is closely connected to subtle layers of awareness, the emotional body and also to the inflammation response.  Therefore, as a part of your treatment, may I suggest other services including Intuitive Healing and lymphatic drainage to further eliminate your most painful symptoms.

Sensitive Central Nervous System (CNS)

Let us customize a series of treatments that cater to your needs.

Resolve old issues and move forward in your life with grace and ease.


Live Life Consciously.

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