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Body Dynamic

761 University Ave., Suite B

Los Gatos, CA


Santa Cruz Wellness Center (Annex)

501 Mission St, ste. 5

Santa Cruz, CA



I had been to Shawna in 2017 for a massage and relief of my shoulder. But by the end of the massage she had been able to connect my right side energy with the left side. It just felt wonderful and a produced a magical feeling . I had a heart valve replaced in 2011 and I had not been able to merge the energies, to feel connected and whole.  She began by working on my shoulder as it would very often drop on the right and then the connection of the two sides happened. I just love her energy, her magical hands and wonderful heart.


I am a living example of her healing abilities.  She also helped me cure my severe case of shingles on my right hand and shoulder that appeared  November 2017 and lasted till March 2018.It was her intuitive, soulful method and her soulful intentions to work with one’s body with utmost love that I is curing me. I still cannot fold my hands behind my back, but I can bend my elbow and raise my arm thanks to Shawna.


With me, she works mostly on flushing the lymph nodes and calming the nervous system.  For me, she has given me a new way to look at life and aliments.  I highly recommend Shawna to anyone who needs healing and calming nervous system.


Kalpana Patel




Shawna assisted my father and I when we were hoping to help and communicate with my mother who was dying from a debilitating, degenerative brain disease. I didn't know what to expect, but felt that surely Shawna could assist in some way. What took place, however, was far beyond my and my father's expectations. Miraculously, it seemed clear that Shawna was somehow able to communicate with my mother, who was deep in the fog of dementia and had extreme difficulty in communicating. During the sessions, my mom became responsive and interactive with Shawna as well as with my father and me. Each session with Shawna was truly a great blessing and a beautiful gift for all of us. Looking back now after my mom made her transition nearly six months later, I feel certain that the sessions with Shawna helped my mother know how to peacefully and lovingly prepare to make her inevitable and upcoming transition from this world to the next, and it helped my father and I feel a sense of peace that we were not only tending to all of my mom's needs in the best way we could, but we were also able to communicate with her in a way that felt acknowledged and received from both sides. Shawna is a very gifted intuitive and healer. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and I am forever grateful to her for the work she did with us.  


Peter Brandt






Well sort of, let me explain. Life changes quickly and slowly all at the same time.Confused? We were too. In less than three hours Shawna was able to unlock, clearly explain and provide a plan for exactly what we wanted and needed to have happen.


We decided we needed to be closer to family. This would require a move and possibly a job change. While looking at jobs in our desired area we found what we were looking for and went for it. This happened quickly and now we needed to sell our house. Our realtor assured us this would be a quick sale with no issues at all. My job started, I moved while my family stayed behind. Eight months later I was still living 600 miles away from my family. We were doing everything we could do to sell our house, we were stuck.


It is difficult to explain how Shawna is able to channel and take on your energy, however the results are easily seen. During our sessions, Shawna was not only able to work on our energy, but able to work on the energy of our potential buyer and issues they were going through - this was simply amazing. Within days of our session, our offer came though and we were "released" from our house and ready to move on. In reading and feeling our energy, Shawna gave us a clear plan of things we needed to work on. This was an enlightening experience and opened our eyes to this powerful and now proven energy work.


I truly believe that without Shawna's guidance and support we would still be in the same position. We feel blessed and honored to have Shawna in our lives. She calmly guided us through a difficult time and unlocked the tools we had inside ourselves to get us exactly where we needed to be. Thank you Shawna.


Chris and Alyssa Vaughan




Shawna is a highly skilled bodyworker, much more than a massage therapist, physical therapist or chiropractor. I had a stroke in March 2015 and she is a key part of my recovery. She focuses on my nerve pathways and lymph system. I can feel and see the difference after every session. We are very fortunate that she decided to relocate to Santa Cruz. Highly recommended for recovery from any kind of trauma and for chronic pain..






I have been going to Shawna for many years now and I highly recommend her! I started going to her for massage therapy following a serious car accident and after just the first visit had more range of motion and a lot less pain. I loved going to her so much that I visited her during my pregnancy which helped with back pain, sciatica, and overall relaxation. I trusted her so much that I brought my baby in several times for infant massage, which I also highly recommend! I have joked for a long time now that I not only go to her for massage therapy but also emotional therapy. She is wonderful and by far the best massage therapist I have ever been to!!!






As a client of Shawna's for over 10 years, I was devastated when she chose to move her practice to CA, however, we have maintained a healing connection via phone sessions.  Shawna's work, whether it be hands-on or purely energetic, is as informed as it is empathic.  She is a rare mix of skilled professional and free intuitive.