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During my Near Death Experience, I experienced an incredile love that is the fabric of reality. In addition, following my NDE, my capacity to receive intuitive information and perceive energies and frequencies outside the realm of normal was heightened.  That capacity plays an important role in what I can offer you.

Becoming Your Intuitive Self Workshop Series

Workshop 1: Your Unique Vibration


We each have our own unique vibration, or energy thumbprint.  Our body is like an antennae that can pick up these unique frequencies around us and also transmits our own. We each feel a certain way (most notable when you don’t feel like yourself) and each person we come in contact with has a certain feel, whether we are consciously aware of this or not.  Distinguishing what you feel like from others, whether physical or non-physical, is a foundation stone to clear personal boundaries and intuition.  


This workshop will focus on feeling fully your own unique vibration and distinguishing it from the world around you.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • to feel your own vibration and distinguish it from the world around you

  • explore expansion and contraction of your own vibration

  • to respond rather than react to your surroundings

  • Active versus receptive imagining

  • Everyday Mind vs Perceptive Mind

  • how to hold and express your vibration in the world.

Workshop 2: Your Vibration and Others


This workshop will begin with a brief overview of Part One: Your Unique Vibration.  Although recommended, it is not necessary to take Part One as a prerequisite.  


Being clear in your vibration is key to working with others. Your vibration emanates a frequency that interacts with the frequencies around you.  When grounded in your own vibration, it is easier to recognize the world as a panoply of vibrations, not distinct necessarily from each other, but frequencies that fluctuate one into another.  Using detached noticing, we can stay out of the stories and interpretations produced by the mind and rest in the impressions and expressions we receive.  From this point, we can make a conscious choice on how to respond rather than react to experiences.  Your unique vibration can then flow with the vibration of others and the world around you.


This workshop is useful for those working on boundaries and those in healing professions who want to work more intuitively.  

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • To distinguish your unique vibration from the vibrations of other people, both present and at a distance.  

  • Detached noticing and the choice to respond rather than react.    

  • To express rather than interpret your impressions.

  • To be clear in your frequency when faced with others who have strong or imposing energy.  

  • Stand confidently in your vibration in the world.

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Upcoming Your Vibration and Others dates:

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Workshop 3: Your Vibration and the Non-Physical Realms

This workshop will have a brief overview of Part one: Your Unique Vibration.  Although recommended, it is not necessary to take Part One or Part Two as a prerequisite.


In this workshop, You’ll continue to explore and ground into your unique vibration. We now move into exploring the capacity of our consciousness to perceive the many non-physical levels of existence, from deceased love ones and disincarnate spirits that have recently left the Earth plane to those, such as angels and archetypes, that are closer to the Oneness. As we worked with boundaries in workshop 2, so too will we continue with boundaries in workshop 3, but with those we do not necessarily perceive with our normal 5 senses.  This will entail also more fully exploring and distinguishing intuition from mind and  receptive imagining from active imagining. You will leave the workshop feeling more grounded and present in the world.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • learn to detect frequency fluctuations affecting your own vibration

  • connect with your guides.

  • explore levels of vibrational density (body, mind, soul, spirit).

  • explore hierarchies of consciousness (physical, ghosts, angels, archetypes, etc.)

  • develop detached noticing

  • learn to respond rather than react when working with entities

  • learn to sense people, places and things at a distance

  • practice clearing techniques

  • stand confidently in your vibration

Upcoming Your Vibration and the Non-Physical Realm dates:

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Many clients who have contacted me wishing to also experience this love and connect with their own intuitive abilities, including deeper perception of their own unique essence; connecting more deeply to loved ones, departed and present; and contacting spiritual guides and ancestors.  In an effort to answer these requests, I have created a 3-part workshop series: Becoming Your Intuitive Self

Beyond Living and Dying Workshop

Take a spiritual journey from your past life, into the present.   Create a trauma-free future.

Overcome depression, anxiety, stress, heal your relationships, move out of victimization.  Shift your perspective to see trauma through the lens of spiritual growth.  


The workshop will explore past lives and practical methods for healing them, vibrational awareness for navigating the world around you and ways to shift perspective of your present situation so that you can create a future you want.


Hosted by best selling author and near-death experiencer Rajiv Parti, MD,  nationally recognized healer and near-death experiencer Shawna Ristic, MA, NCTMB and philosopher/spiritual teacher Nikola Ristic, PhD

Saturday, October, 26, 2019  10:00am - 2:00pm

St. Andrews Episcopal Church

13601 Saratoga Ave. Saratoga, CA