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Body Dynamic

761 University Ave., Suite B

Los Gatos, CA


Santa Cruz Wellness Center (Annex)

501 Mission St, ste. 5

Santa Cruz, CA


Remove blockages in your life, know yourself more deeply and enhance your well-being

I take a holistic approach to healing.  This includes assessing your physical structure as well as deeply listening to your life situation to get a full picture of what posture and habits are influencing your body’s balance in gravity. In addition, I consider the impacts of emotions and stress on your sense of well-being and assess your energetic body to bring you into a deeper, more lasting state of wellness.

Stop living with dis-ease and pain and enhance your overall wellness. Let me customize a session that is right for you.

22 years of experience

Phone, Skype and FaceTime appointments available

Intuitive healing can be done over the phone for your convenience.

Call Now: 785-691-6639

Trust your health and wellness and healing to a massage professional who has 22years of experience.

Focus on energy

I do more than just affect the body. I also assess you energetically to bring whole-being healing that will help you in all areas of your life.

Multiple techniques

I am well-educated and skilled in multiple pain-relieving techniques.

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Join us for Rendezvous with Spirit

Shiva and Shakti,

the divine masculine and feminine essence in each of us and the world

June 20th, 6-8 pm at our office, 501 Mission, suite 5, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.


Rendez vous with Spirit is a group meditation series that will meet every 3rd Thursday 6:00pm - 8:00pm.  Meetings will be co-lead and co-taught by Shawna and Ananda. Our intention is to open a we-space for the emergence of collective intelligence and wisdom, a place where each of us can access and explore our own internal landscape so we can raise consciousness collectively and create a world we can all live in. For each meeting we will explore a specific topic or theme. The format will include discussion and experiential exercises.